A bankruptcy practice is a practice in empathy

CLIENT REVIEW (one of my most rewarding yet): “I looked online for a bankruptcy attorney that was well reviewed. I had been agonizing for months over the decision to declare bankruptcy. I wish I had consulted Todd much sooner in the decision process and highly advise anyone considering bankruptcy to not spend much if any time trying to self-educate on the internet and instead consult with Todd and save yourself the unnecessary anguish that I have been going through. I entered his office feeling defeated and after he thoughtfully explained the process with compassion and made it very easy to understand for a layman, I left feeling tremendously better and confident. Tod gets an A+ in every area one seeks council from an attorney. Todd took away all the unknowns that had been eating away at me for months. I have retained other attorneys in the past and none have had the combination of empathy and competence that Todd deliveries. I give Todd my absolute highest recommendation.”

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